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The Coach's Compass

Mar 21, 2022

In 2007, after years of working in corporate as an employee, Linda DeLuca chose to become an independent (indie) consultant and work remotely. With that decision came an exciting journey complete with obstacles, restrictions, excitement, opportunities and learning,  (lots of learning).  From financial analysis in corporate budgeting and planning, to project and portfolio management  to corporate-wide change implementation and helping grow a solo-business into a small business, Linda's corporate and indie life has provided her with the rich experience of walking a mile in a number of different people’s shoes. International Coach Academy Book - Essentialism

Lorna Poole

Rob Stringer

Dr. Gus, Billions Coach

Marion Franklin - Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching

Carl Rogers

Rolo May

Transcend book

Linda Deluca Website

Linda Deluca - LinkedIn

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