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The Coach's Compass

Dec 3, 2021

Robbie Swale is a leadership coach, writer and the host of the Coach’s Journey Podcast.

In the first decade of his career he was a director, a trustee, a manager, almost a professional actor, a leader and an administrator. In a search to find work that took advantage of his strengths, what he loves and how he wants to contribute to the world, he found coaching.

Coaches Rising

Ewan Townhead 

John Mackey Whole Foods

Fred Kofman

Conscious Business Book

Waking up the Workplace

David Allen

Prosperous Coach

Rich Litvin with Simon Crowe Youtube

Miles Downey - Effective Modern Coaching Episode with Robbie

Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru

Gay Hendricks - The Big Leap - Zone of Genius 

Robbie Swale Article

Marion Franklin - The Heart of Laser Focused Coaching

Chris Joseph Coach

Better Up Coaching

Buffett - coaching a pilot (from James Clear)

Joel Monk

Phil Goddard Episode 69

Robbie Swale Website

Podcast - The Coach’s Journey

Robbie Swale LinkedIn

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