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The Coach's Compass

Jan 9, 2022

Ann Reich, founder and president of Arabesque Management, has a passion for motivating and guiding people through change. She brings over 20 years of experience leading and developing others to achieve excellence as they work toward their personal and business-related objectives.

Adler Coaching School

Adria Trowhill

Dec 3, 2021

Robbie Swale is a leadership coach, writer and the host of the Coach’s Journey Podcast.

In the first decade of his career he was a director, a trustee, a manager, almost a professional actor, a leader and an administrator. In a search to find work that took advantage of his strengths, what he loves and how he wants to...

Oct 29, 2021

Joanne Collins, PCC is an expert in career management and Transition with over 15 years experience in the private, public and non profit sectors, working with a diverse range of people, from front line workers to senior executives.  She has guided clients through goal setting, assessment, personal branding,...

Oct 3, 2021

José-Antonio Villalobos is a Professional Certified Coach, PCC and Mentor accredited by the ICF. In addition, he is a coach trainer and talent development consultant for an immigration law firm in California. 

ROOTS Canada

International Coach Academy

Sunita Chibar Coach

The Prosperous Coach

Marcel Marceau 


Sep 5, 2021

My guest is Rob Stringer, BA, BEd, PCC is a Youth Coach, Educator and Speaker and the founder of Youth Coach Global. Youth Coach Global helps kids, teens, and young adults meet with success by making professional life coaching services, programs, and resources available to youth aged 11-21 around the world.

Youth Coach...